We use OKRs help to you implement your business strategies

Turn business strategy into measurable goals with objectives and key results.

Objectives and Key Results (“OKR“) is a goal management system used by many large, fast-moving organizations such as Google, Intel, Microsoft and an increasing number of smaller ambitious companies.

The key benefit of OKR is that it helps your organization implement your business strategies effectively.

By aligning teams, departments and individuals with measurable strategic outcomes to stretch and motivate, improved performance is tracked and realized in short, regular and repeated monthly or quarterly cycles.

This approach successfully turns business strategy into measurable goals which focus employees, teams and the entire organization on the outcomes needed to deliver the greatest measurable business impact. This helps build a culture of transparency and shared achievement helping everyone follow and support the contributions of others in the quest for the organization’s success.

Our founder – Henry Ong

Henry Ong is a highly experienced strategy consultant that specializes in systematic value creation. Henry uses his unique range of experiences in Strategy Development, Strategy Execution, Valuations and Corporate Finance to help various organizations achieve their goals. Henry used to be with Deloitte, a Big Four multi-national consulting firm, where he helped some of the largest organizations.

Henry took Professional Certificate in Strategy Management from Wharton Business School and Strategy Implementation from Copenhagen Business School.  He is a professionally trained OKR specialist, a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Chartered Accountant and a trained engineer and computer scientist. He graduated with top honors from Cornell University’s Engineering College.

If you would like to find out how we can help you, please email us at admin@mavenpolis.com.

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