Objectives & Key Results

What are OKRs?

Objectives and Key Results ("OKRs") is a goal management system or strategy execution system used by many large, fast-moving organizations such as Google, Amazon, Intel, Netflix, Microsoft and an increasing number of smaller ambitious companies.

OKRs system is invented by Andy Grove, who was formerly the CEO of Intel. OKRs is the improved version of Management By Objectives ("MBO") which is developed by Peter Drucker. Grove used OKRs to transform Intel from a manufacturer of memory chips into the world's dominant producer of microprocessors for PC, servers, and general-purpose computing. During his tenure as CEO, Grove oversaw a 4,500% increase in Intel's market capitalization from $4 billion to $197 billion, making it the world's 7th largest company, with 64,000 employees.

Google adopted OKRs in its early days before Google was famous. It helped Google become the biggest search engine in the world and one of the most valuable companies ever.

Use Case - Hybrid Work

Covid-19 has changed the way we work permanently. Hybrid work is now the norm rather than exception for many organizations.


The case for switching to hybrid is powerful. But it’s not an easy transition to make.

  • Staying aligned with priorities
  • Keeping informed
  • Remaining cohesive
  • Maintaining trust
  • Communicating across teams

OKRs enable your enterprise to execute strategies more effectively and deliver business results, including solving the challenges of switching to the hybrid model. This challenge can be overcome by adopting very cost effective cloud solutions such as Gtmhub, which we are a partner of, for as little as USD1 per month.

Use Case - Improving Strategy Execution

Whether dealing with go-to-market strategy, transformation, or reacting to disruption, success depends upon the ability of the organization to smoothly translate plans into action.


Successful strategy execution requires overcoming organization design rooted in an era when the goal was stability rather than reinvention and agility.

  • Difficulty in breaking down silos
  • Unclear objectives
  • Lack of monitoring
  • Loss of strategic context
  • Loss of strategic context
  • Slow in adapting strategies to changing conditions

OKRs enable your enterprise to orchestrate strategy and deliver business results by overcoming the above mentioned challenges.

Key Benefits of OKRs

  • Better Focus
  • Better Alignment & Engagement
  • More Transparency & Accountability
  • Achieve Stretch Goals
  • Improve Management Skills
Our Approach

Our Modular Approach

Choose any of the 3 modules that you need. We can help you setup and roll out OKRs quickly either using Gtmhub or PowerPoint (suitable for small teams). If you already have OKRs setup and require someone to help monitor and ensure compliance, we can assist you in that area as well because we find that most organizations require more than 4 months to make OKRs become part of its culture.

Our coaching and monitoring services are available for lower than the cost of an administrative staff. Hence, feel free to contact us for further discussions.

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