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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an important organizational process to allocate your organization’s resources based on a set of criteria to achieve its vision, mission and goals. Our strategic planning process focuses on integrating the various strategy frameworks to help you gain better and different insights about your business. Below are three strategy frameworks that use to help you and your organization.

  • Disruptive Strategy – enables you to make innovation a reality. It is developed by Professor Clay Christensen of Harvard Business School. By focusing on “Jobs To be Done”, you can increase odds of successful disruption and ensure your business remains competitive. Clay’s Disruptive Strategy helped numerous companies such as EMC, Intel and Media Tek achieved great success.
  • Connected Strategy – enables you to turn occasional, sporadic customer transactions into long term continual relationships while driving great improvements in operational efficiency. It is developed by Professor Nicolaj Siggelkow and Professor Christian Terwiesch of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy – enables you to find areas of sustainable profitable growth by swimming in the “Blue Ocean” where there is no or little competition compared to the “Red Ocean” where competition is fierce. It is developed by INSEAD’s Professor W. Chan Kim and Professor Renee Mauborgne. Blue Ocean Strategy has helped numerous non-profit and for-profit organizations achieve sustainable success through innovations.

Strategy Execution

Executing strategies successfully is often determines whether you succeed or fail. We use the much vaulted Objectives & Key Results (“OKRs”) collaborative goal management framework so famously helped Intel and Google achieved their unparalleled success. This framework promotes weekly celebration and monthly review among team members to improve communication, focus, alignment and teamwork. While the concept of OKRs is simple but implementing it is not easy because it often requires changing of management culture. We help implement, coach and enforce OKRs implementation till it becomes second nature in your organization.

If you want find out how your organization can use OKRs to successfully implement its strategies, simply click on the button below or contact us at admin@mavenpolis.com.

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