Use ValueEZ to Justify the Value You Have In Mind

Discover the Intrinsic Value Of Your Busines with ValueEZ

ValueEZ allows you to support the valuation using sound economic principles

Simple to use yet powerful

Anybody with basic financial knowledge will be able to use ValueEZ Core to value your business. It takes a short time to enter the data once you have the info.

Build Forecasts to Support Valuation

Conduct valuation using Discounted Cash Flow method. Tool will automatically provide inputs based on your selection.

Compare against global benchmarks

Compare your company’s performance and value against global public listed peers in the same industry.


Cost Savings

Fraction of the cost of hiring a valuer for up to 10 valuations per user in a year.

Ease of Use

Powerful yet simple user interface plus video tutotirals and guide.


Change inputs as often as you like to analyze different business scenarios.

Useful Insights

Gain useful insights into your business with AI enhanced analysis.

Professional Analysis

Designed by valuation experts, uses widely used Discounted Cash Flow valuation method.

Implementation Support

Premium support that provides valuation results without having to use the tool yourself.

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Key Features

Use Discounted Cash Flow as Primary Valuation Method

ValueEZ Core employs the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method as its primary tool for estimating the intrinsic value of businesses. By projecting future cash flows and discounting them to their present value, this approach takes into account the time value of money and associated risks. Utilizing DCF facilitates a detailed and clear insight into a business’s financial well-being, making it a favored valuation technique among experts. Although you may not be familar with DCF method, but you need not worry as we have simplified the inputs required so anyone can use it.

Cross Check Valuation Conclusions with Global Public Listed Peers

ValueEZ Core enhances its valuation accuracy by incorporating a market approach as a cross-check against its DCF-derived metrics. By comparing PE, Forward PE, Price/Book, and Price/Sales ratios of globally publicly listed companies in the same industry, it ensures the derived ratios from the DCF valuation are in line with market realities. This critical sanity check acts as a safeguard, ensuring the DCF results are both reliable and realistic.

Generate Cash Flow Forecasts with Ease

ValueEZ Core simplifies the valuation process, enabling users to effortlessly create financial forecasts. By simply inputting revenue, operating income, tax rate, capital efficiency ratios, and key balance sheet items, users can quickly generate free cash flow forecasts. This ease of use allows anyone to easily construct cash flow forecasts, which are essential to the DCF valuation method.

Valuation Scenario

Easily Assess Valuation Impact Under Various Future Scenarios

ValueEZ Core enables users to effortlessly manage multiple versions of their valuation analysis. Simply duplicate an analysis, modify figures for different scenarios, and instantly observe the impact on cash flows and valuation. Each analysis variant can be saved as a “Likely,” “Conservative,” or “Optimistic” scenario for convenient referencing, streamlining the process of conducting in-depth evaluations of your business’s potential futures.

Analyze historical financial performance against global peers

Leverage our AI-enhanced tool to evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue, profit, cash conversion cycle, inventory turnover, and return on total assets, among others. It assesses and grades overall business performance and each KPI, identifying areas that need attention and providing actionable insights for improving your KPI results.

Print, Access, and Modify Your Valuation Histories with Ease

ValueEZ empowers users to not only print their valuation results for offline review but also to access and amend past analyses as needed. This feature ensures that users can maintain a dynamic archive of their valuation efforts, facilitating easy updates and modifications to reflect new data or insights.

Focus on Ease of Use

Automates calculations, data retrieval and charts to make process as simple as possible. There are graphs to help visualize forecasts and intuitive user interface with explanations of all technical terms.

ValueEZ Core Industry and Sector Selections

Suitable for companies from various countries and industries

ValueEZ is an ideal solution for companies across various countries, as it enables users to select their company’s primary business territory, currency, and industry.

Clear valuation conclusion

Clear valuation conclusions are automatically updated as values change. Furthermore, market multiples such as PE ratio are included for easy refereance. You can export the form as a PDF or print it using your browser.

ValueEZ Maven Memberships

Maven Explorer

For one member
For individuals who want to explore limited tools for 3 months before upgrading

  • 3 months for a user
  • 1 Free ValueEZ demo session
  • 1 MavInsights analysis – gives suggestions to improve business performance
  • Learning Resource access
  • Email Support – reply within 48 hours
  • Online AI chatbot assistant to explain technical terms
  • May upgrade to Pro or Premium Assist plan

Maven Pro

For one member
For individuals who are keen to use the tool themselves

  • 1 year membership for a user
  • Up to 5 ValueEZ valuations per year
  • Up to 3 MavInsights analysis per year
  • Includes bonus MavInsights AI tool that analyzes company historical performance and Sales Basket Optimizer. Access to new tools may be granted
  • A 15-min scheduled video consultation
  • Step-by-step Video tutorials and PDF Guide available
  • Email Support – reply within 24 hours
  • Online AI chatbot assistant to explain technical terms
  • May upgrade to Premium Assist plan

Maven Pro Assist

For up to 2 members
Comparable to hiring a valuer, only at a small fraction of the cost

  • Everything in Maven Pro
  • Submit your information to us, and we’ll utilize ValueEZ to estimate a company’s equity value
  • Coaching on how to develop forecasts
  • Two scheduled 45-min video consultations:
    • Kick-off call to understand valuation needs and instruct on necessary information preparation
    • Follow-up call to troubeshoot issues or discuss valuation results
  • Priority email support available for questions and clarifications in between calls
  • Should you require more than one assisted business valuation within a year, we offer a special discount for subsequent ones

Frequently Asked Questions

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